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Submitted on
October 3, 2010
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Memories fly by
I get the sudden urge to cry
The butterflies gather
Of course, it won't matter
You don't seem to notice
And you don't seem to know this
I'm falling, falling
For you, I'm calling
I know it'll break me in the end
For you, honey, I'll bend
Any way, for this to send
The message; I'm falling for you
Down I go as the feeling grew
I'm begging for you to catch me
But, of course, you won't see
That I'm falling madly in love with you
Down the hole I go, we'd be the perfect two
My heart won't settle down
Suddenly, I start to frown

You're with that other girl.
For L.A. class

I like the twist at the end, lol

Last free verse I get to do /broken heart
well, kinda, but the other ones I get to have a sentence I have to start it with...
... I hate that

erggg, I have to do a Haiku now
Anyone good with those?
I need help :U

Poem; me
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no moar freeverse? D:
pfft i hate the ones that you haft to start with something too.

this bout kevin? D":the ends kinda sad D: but grate poem non the less. :D
Thank you, though I found my notes /flails

Not really /sobsss
erg its like "LET ME IMAGINE >:U"

yeah; he's always surrounded by girls and I'm like
"crap. They're prettyier than me. D':"
thank you ;w; <3
XD thats good, you can probley undestand them better than that site. i know i couldnt follow it X"D

XD exactly! i hate writing under topics, and having the first line done for me.

D: i doubt they are! and there probley hoes and skanky people anyways >> at lest your not slutty.
kennys always flirting with cuter girls and it makes me sad, so i understand how that feels. D;
/hug your only 13 you'l find true love one day.
XD LoL, haikus are way too specific to be good ono

It's like, having a restraint >:1

Oh, but they are ;3; quite a few of them are! One of em' has these "nerd glasses".. I was appaled when I saw them; they were COVERED in glitter! I bet she's never played a video game a day of her life! Jeez
OHLORD, If I was slutty, if I ever become slutty, I give you full permission to slap me in the face!
look at us, same situations with our Ks, but they're opposite

I hope so ;3;
amen to that. X"D

they have those "3-D" nerd glasses at my school.. and OH what a poser! i hate scene kids/sluts there all posers! if you were slutty id take you back to the nerd side!

X"D hey they are oppisite!
me and Kenny were the only ones in the lunch line and i just came out and asked him if he was gay X"D hes not luckly.

/hugglie huggle
patience my dear
Christinamariee Oct 3, 2010
Its Really Good Love =) <3
Check My Stuff out?
Thank you! <3

Woah! *A* <3 You're stuff's really epic <3
Christinamariee Oct 3, 2010
my stuff is nothing compared to yours
bah! How untrue! I'm more of the drawing type, I'm not as good at liturature! XwX
Christinamariee Oct 3, 2010
imma creep some of your drawings xD
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